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About the UWC Somaliland NC

The Somaliland National Committee is in charge of the selection process of Somaliland students to UWC. The UWC Somaliland is comprised of Somaliland volunteers such as Hassan Bulbul, Amran Ali, Abdihakim Elmi, Hinda Jama, Ibrahim Muse and Abdisamad Adan as well as the founder and chairman of the NC, Jonathan Starr. The NC launched its first selection process for UWC students in 2014. An intensive selection process was run that ended up selecting 4 students for the 4 scholarships available that year. Somaliland sent 2 students to UWC Li Po Chun in Hong Kong, 1 to UWC Costa Rica, and 1 to UWC Robert Bosch in Germany. In 2015 there were no available scholarships for Somaliland so no selection process was run. In 2016 Somaliland sent 2 full scholarship students, 1 student to UWC (Germany) and 1 to UWC Costa Rica, and 1 partial scholarship student to UWC USA. In 2017 Somaliland sent 1 student to UWC Dilijan in Armenia. All of these students have represented Somaliland well.

This year (2018) Somaliland has been allocated 2 full Scholarships, 1 to UWC Maastricht and 1 to UWC Robert Bosch in Germany. There are no partial scholarships available this year. To apply to this year's scholarships go to Procedure